ff008 - Bomg - Polynseeds (Full Length)

by freak friendly diy


After the start of concert activities Bomg, it became clear that there was an absolute flagship of the entire Ukrainian and likely leader- CIS scene.

The traditions of the British doom metal , stoner doom and deep psychedelic music in this group fused into one, and so organically , that the meaning of reckoning group to a particular style is lost. Significant advantage in the sound made ​​in the direction of retro ( also recorded an album on analog equipment ), but , in fact , a modern doom metal , and is, by and large, retro phenomenon. In addition to sound and well- thought-out , spanning in his swaying rhythmically weave tracks (that's right , the language does not turn to call these things the songs ) , the band stands out most of all is the power supply of the creativity from the scene. It's not stoned riffovanie not infinite , not leading anywhere Kutch - each performance of the band reminds session messages from the other world of modern shamans with guitars. Gift of some consider demeanor vocalist Jim Morrison under , because unlike the eminent rocker , he drives the insides of the crowd surrounding the scene is not a person, but the very substance of music. This conductor energies , the medium in action. The sound and rhythm only accompanies the process of what can be called a seance during which the listener almost violently is in the middle endlessly vibrating psychedelic space hidden from the everyday perception of reality.

Album firmly rooted in the space of a hearing , enveloping everything and everyone around muhomornogo thick haze of fog. The sound comes in waves , and every now and then reveals the unexpected findings in the form of a flute solo , during which somewhere on the edge of the field of view of satire danced with his sly grin , or cosmic play lead guitar , which, like the Auroras hypnotize and enchant , but and can infect meryachenem , polar fever. However, the shaman's drum solo songs and lingering hold the listener through the scorching raging sea bass and entangle the gnarled branches of the dense thickets. What will be the end - you learn for yourself, but I guarantee you, this journey is worth it to him to make .


released October 10, 2013

recordet at Evergreen studio Kiev,Ukraine
released on tapes by freak friendly diy



freak friendly diy Kiev, Ukraine

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